Highway 155 near La Loche tops this year’s list of the 10 worst roads in Saskatchewan.

CAA Saskatchewan says it received a record-breaking 6,496 votes during its 2017 Worst Roads campaign.

Highway 354 near Dilke was second on the list, falling from first last year. The third-worst road in Saskatchewan this year was Highway 21 near Paradise Hill.

“This year’s final top ten includes a few nominated roads from previous worst roads campaigns,” CAA Saskatchewan communications director Christine Niemczyk said in a news release Wednesday.

“This perhaps tells us that road users still have some safety concerns.”

According to CAA, “worst roads” have cracks, crumbling pavement, potholes or craters, poor or no signage, traffic congestion, and a lack of cycling or walking infrastructure.

Potholes remained the No. 1 problem identified by voters during this year’s campaign.

This year’s top 10 worst roads were (last year’s ranking in brackets):

1. Highway 155 near La Loche (9)

2. Highway 354 near Dilke (1)

3. Highway 21 near Paradise Hill (n/a)

4. Highway 47 near Springside (6)

5. Highway 26 near Loon Lake (n/a)

6. Highway 255 near Nipawin (n/a)

7. Highway 35 near Love (n/a)

8. Second Avenue South in Hepburn (n/a)

9. Highway 322 near Silton (3)

10. Highway 51 near Kerrobert (2)

As in previous years, the list of the top 10 worst roads will be shared with the provincial government.