REGINA -- A man living in Regina’s east end has decided to turn his frustrations over garbage accumulating outside his condo into action.

When Red Wilkinson noticed garbage filling a lake near his property filling with garbage, he decided to do something about it.

“It was ugly, absolutely ugly to see all that plastic,” he said. “It went from one end of the lake to the other end of the lake, solid plastic on the shoreline. That’s when I got really irritated about that.”

Wilkinson and his friend Carol Izakaib walk around the lake almost every day, picking up any trash they can find.

Ken Hicks, who lives nearby, appreciates their efforts.

“Nobody asked them to do it,” he said. “They saw the garbage and decided to pick it all up.”

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of their lake cleanup, picking garbage also helps wildlife in the area.

“Lots of birds there that can tangled up in the plastic,” Hicks said.

Wilkinson plans to continue his cleanup efforts to make the neighbourhood a cleaner place for everyone.