The Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets are set to hit the ice for the NHL Heritage Classic in late October at Mosaic Stadium, and more than 4000 hotel rooms have been booked in 35 different hotels.

"It's very rare that our hotels do sell out," said Tracy Fahlman, CEO and president of the Regina Hotel Association. "The last time our hotels sold out, it was in November of 2013 and it was Grey Cup day."

Fahlman said hotels outside of the city are also seeing interest from hockey fans.

"Moose Jaw is almost sold out, White City is sold out," she said. "This is an amazing opportunity for our province and southern Saskatchewan to see a lift in our economy."

An economic boost in the tourism and hospitality industry is expected. It's estimated the event will bring in $15 million, as 10,000 people are expected to attend the game.

As for those wanting to watch the classic and don't yet have a place to stay, there is another option.

Bill Lamberton is the president of Classic Canadian Tours in Calgary, Alta. The company is offering a chartered flight to Regina.

"It's a total transportation package," he said. "A one day same day return, it doesn't include tickets."

Classic Canadian Tours plans to fly 136 fans to and from Calgary and Regina on the same day. The flights will cost almost $600 per passenger.

"People may be busy and a Saturday flight same day return may be easier for some people," he said. "They might choose that access."

The chartered flights are welcomed by the Regina Hotel Association, as the flights have little to no impact on the hotel industry.

"I think chartered planes are a great alternative," Fahlman said. "This happens in every city that hosts marquee events."

Fahlman says events like the Heritage Classic help peak the interest of hotel developers.

"If our city continues to host Marquee events such as the Heritage Classic and Grey Cups that creates demand, and the supply comes with it," she said.

It's an exciting time for both hockey fans and those in Regina's hospitality industry.