City Square Plaza has seen a lot of action since the grand opening, and it's about to see even more. City council is on the brink of opening it up to traffic. While that news is making a lot of people happy, how could it affect events like the farmer’s market?

The market has grown exponentially in the last few years, boasting record attendance of over 10,000 people on a Saturday, and moving from 18 to 64 vendors.

But there are slight changes on the horizon. On Wednesday, executive council approved a proposal to allow some traffic flow in the plaza. Non-through vehicles will be allowed to travel westbound on 12th Avenue.

However, traffic will not be allowed through the plaza on market days, and other occasions when the plaza is in use, but vendors and visitors aren't sure what to think.

Joyce Brown is a jewelry vendor at the market. “If traffic starts going through, is it going to ruin it? All you need is one vehicle leaking oil."

The season ends on October 6, so the market has 11 more weeks to decide if the traffic gets the green light from vendors and customers.