Hundreds of people attended the Trespasser’s Powwow at the Justice for Our Stolen Children protest camp in Wascana Park on Saturday.

Indigenous communities from across Saskatchewan travelled to Regina to celebrate those that have encouraged and helped campers through tough times.

"The support that has come in from all over the province and across Canada and even outside of Canada, we've just been overwhelmed with how important the issues we've brought up are to so many people," said Robin Pitawanakwat, the camp spokesperson.

Ingrid Alesich was part of the crowd at the powwow on Saturday. Originally from Australia, Alesich has lived in Canada for 45 years, and says that she is outraged by how indigenous people are treated in Canada.

"I was really horrified by how much racism I heard and witnessed, and dreadful stuff that I would hear. I used to be amazed and then not say anything but then I decided to say something and speak up,” said Alesich.

After a day of celebration on Saturday, there will be no festivities on Canada Day. On Sunday, campers will take part in a talking circle where families will have a chance to share stories of grief, loss, joy and reunification.

Based on a report by Madina Azizi