Hundreds of educators from across Saskatchewan gathered in Regina on Saturday to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

Amidst the activities, educators remained vocal about the struggles that come along with the job.

Signs at the event highlighted concerns about overcrowding in classrooms and a lack of funding.

“We famously in this country have always had a high quality of education, but it needs to be funded, and it it’s not funded, that quality can’t remain the same,” said Matthew Gray, the principal of West Central Public School.

“I think the frustrating thing for teachers is knowing what we could do with more,” said Amy Orth, another principal from Aberdeen Composite School. “Every day, knowing how much better we could be doing if we were more adequately funded.”

Maze agreed more funding is needed.

“They want to be able to know they’re making a difference, and go home at the end of the night knowing they’re making a difference,” Patrick Maze, the president of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation said. “In many situations, they’re going home feeling like they’ve just been putting out fires all day and then they know that tomorrow’s not going to be any different.”

World Teachers’ Day has been recognized internationally by UNESCO since the mid-1990s, but having it fall on a weekend is rare.

“This year we thought with it falling on a weekend, maybe it’s time that we throw a bit of a celebration,” Maze told CTV News. “Bring out the community and celebrate the great work that teachers do and the value of their contribution to communities right across Saskatchewan.”