REGINA -- Hundreds of people in Saskatchewan were charged with impaired driving offences in August.

SGI said on Monday that the province reported 463 impaired driving offences, including 379 drivers charged with numerous offences.

As well, 84 drivers were issued roadside administrative suspensions for exceeding the legal limit of .04 blood alcohol content, or violating zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol.

Despite the numbers, SGI said Saskatchewan has made substantial progress in having fewer impaired drivers on the road.

It said there was a drop in the number of impaired driving fatalities last year.

“Fewer impaired drivers on our roads is a win for everyone, and it’s up to all of us in Saskatchewan to keep that message top of mind,” SGI said.

SGI said it will continue to remind people about the dangers of impaired driving, and police will continue to use innovative tactics and tools to help get impaired drivers off the road.

It said one death from impaired driving is too many.

Last year, 21 people died and 332 people were injured in crashes involving impaired drivers.

SGI offered the following tips to see fewer impaired drivers on the road:

  • Be a good wingman. Stop impaired friends and family members from driving.
  • Offer to be a designated driver and decide that you’ll never drive if you’ve been drinking or using drugs.
  • If your plans involve alcohol or drugs, make sure those plans also include a safe ride home.
  • Report suspected impaired drivers by using the RID program or calling 911.

Other results reported by police for the month of August include:

  • 7,851 speeding and aggressive driving offences
  • 556 distracted driving offences, including 461 for cellphone use while driving
  • 576 seatbelt and child restraint offences.