REGINA -- Margret “Peggy” Reilly, 103, got a big surprise when her big family surprised her with a drive-by celebration for her birthday.

The neighbourhood surrounding Regina’s Plainsview Drive got a booming surprise on Sunday afternoon, as cars decorated with “Happy Birthday” signs honked their horns loudly in celebration.


"Well the kids, the grandkids and her great grandkids and dogs included drove through and honked their horns and then got out and wished her a happy birthday." Jean Macnamara, Peggy's daughter said Sunday.

While the 103-year-old had her actual birthday on Friday, her family wanted to make sure she felt the love, even while having to stand on her balcony.

"Oh it was just wonderful! I haven't seen them for a little while you know, I talk to them on the phone but I can't see them.” Reilly said.

Her family sang “Happy Birthday” and each group got to visit with her one on one by standing just below her balcony.

"I keep busy enough but doing nothing but eating and sleeping and having a good time,” she said.

The family wanted to celebrate with a big dinner together, but said they're happy to be able to show some love to the matriarch of the family.

“My mom is absolutely amazing, she's an inspiration to everyone who knows her,” Macnamara said. “They call her the gold standard here in the building (where) she lives, she's 103 living on her own, she’s amazing.”

When asked the secret to living a long life, Reilly’s answer is quite simple.

“I don't drink and I don't smoke and I eat healthy. I'm happy I’m having a good life still and I hope to keep on living this way,” Reilly said.

Next year, the family hopes to have a party without any COVID-19 restrictions.