REGINA -- During a campaign event on Wednesday morning, the leader of the Saskatchewan Party spoke to an impaired driving charge he faced following an incident in 1994.

Scott Moe said that the charge in question and the details surrounding this event have not been publicly disclosed up until this point because the charges were withdrawn.

“In 1994 when I was 20, I was charged with impaired driving and leaving the scene of an accident,” Moe said. “Those charges were later withdrawn because I was not impaired and did not leave the scene.”

Moe said the collision took place in his hometown of Shellbrooke. He said no one was injured and a breathalyzer was not used.

Moe did disclose that he had a drink that day, prior to the incident, but maintained that he was innocent of the charges brought against him.

“As a young man, I made some poor choices and I have learned from those mistakes,” he said.

Moe also mentioned a previous incident that occurred when he was 18, but did not elaborate on the details


On Tuesday, Moe apologized for his role in a fatal collision following a Facebook post from a man who says his mother was killed in the crash.

In the post, Stevo Balog said his mother was killed in the 1997 crash and he was the injured passenger. Balog claims he only just learned of Moe's involvement.

“23 years and I find out our Premier Scott Moe killed my mother,” Balog wrote.

“I am literally destroyed knowing this man is our premier. Scott Moe should have paid the price for my mother’s life and the scars and dislocated rib I live with for the rest of my life.”

Moe received a ticket for driving without due care and attention, and for failing to come to a complete stop.

He said once the campaign period is complete, he will provide an apology to the family of Joanne Balog. He said he has not decided whether he would make a public announcement regarding the apology when it occurs.

Moe told reporters he does not intend to speak on this incident again.

“I ask that you respect that,” he said.

With files from CTV News Saskatoon’s Laura Woodward.