REGINA -- Terence Friday was devastated when his custom beaded powwow regalia was stolen from his vehicle two years ago, but the irreplaceable items have now turned up.

"It just felt like a piece of me was missing," Friday said. "They stole half my identity."

The regalia was modelled after flowers Friday’s grandmother beaded onto his moss bag when he was a baby.

"It was definitely irreplaceable because in powwows and other dancers, no two pieces of work are ever the same," he explained.

The regalia found its way back into Friday’s hands last week thanks to a keen eye by an employee at Cash Avenue Pawn in Regina.

"One of the guys had made a comment, who would lose something like this and I just looked at it and right away I knew," said Kristina Jankowski, the pawn shop’s owner.

"I recognized the beadwork and checked back to an old article and they definitely matched."

Friday was having a conversation with his cousin about beadwork when he received a message from Jankowski saying she found his regalia.

“She sends the pictures and I was in disbelief, I was like that can’t be my beadwork," Friday said.

"I didn’t want to believe her that it there, but then when she sent the pictures, I just broke down, just started crying happy tears."

Friday got to Regina as fast as he could and was reunited with his treasured powwow regalia.

"It was just tears, just cried like three times in the store alone," Friday said.

"There’s no words to describe how genuine and how true it was," Jankowski said. "He was just so happy to get it back."

Friday added he’s extremely grateful to Jankowski for tracking him down.

"It kind of helps restore your views on people," he said.

Friday has powwow danced for 12 years and said the past two years were the longest he’s gone without dancing. He plans on returning to powwow dancing as soon as the dances begin again.

"The saying that if you love something, it will return to you, it’s never truly gone, I prayed for this every single day that I could continue to dance and go to powwows and be able to see the people and be able to dance with them again," Friday said.