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'Impactful on the whole nation': Sask. premier congratulates Wab Kinew on historic win

Premier Scott Moe has congratulated Manitoba Premier Designate Wab Kinew. Moe says it’s about time that a First Nations person has become a Canadian Premier.

“Welcome and congratulate Premier-Designate Wab Kinew on his victory last night, fairly decisive victory. You know the people are always right,” Moe said on Wednesday.

Moe looks forward to working with Kinew at premiers’ conferences.

“As you know, politics are different likely between where I will be on certain issues versus Premier-Designate Kinew,” he said.

Saskatchewan’s premier found significance in the election of a First Nations person to the office of premier in Manitoba.

“I say it’s about time. I think makes not only last night’s win by Wab Kinew I think impactful on the whole nation,” he said.

Saskatchewan’s NDP Leader tweeted her congratulations. Carla Beck said “Western Canada is full of opportunity and I look forward to working together to build a better future for this generation and the next.”

Kinew ran a campaign on issues similar to those being pursued by Saskatchewan New Democrats, health care and affordability.

“First 100 days we are going to deliver immediate help to you and your family when it comes to affordability,” Kinew said.

Premier Moe has plans of his own in that regard.

“I think we’ll have more details in the days and weeks to come but I would say the government is well aware of, you know, how some of the dynamics have changed,” Moe said.

The premier said the Manitoba election outcome won’t prompt an early vote in this province. Saskatchewan voters will go to the polls next fall. Top Stories

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