REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority has started in-school voluntary testing, beginning with Regina’s Campbell Collegiate.

Grade 10 student Natalie Andresan decided to be tested for COVID-19 on Wednesday as part of the testing at her school.

"It gives me peace of mind," she said.

The SHA said only 253 of about 1,400 students at Campbell registered for the testing through the advance consent intake process. Students under 14 needed a parent consent form to be signed in order to take part in the testing.

While only about 18 per cent of students were receiving a test, many that spoke with CTV News thought the testing was a good idea.

"We have students from all over [the city], so it can give us a good idea of who could have COVID in our community," Andresan said.

"I think it’s a good idea because it will help kids to prevent an outbreak," said another student.

"It’s good just to make sure everyone is safe and not spreading COVID around," added another student.

The SHA will also be providing in-school testing at Holy Cross High School in Saskatoon and Carlton Comprehensive High School in Prince Albert this week.

Holy Cross is one of three Saskatoon schools that has reported positive COVID-19 tests since the start of the school.

"School testing is just one more way we are making it accessible for those who want a test," the SHA said in a statement.

Students have been back in classrooms for more than a week now. Andresan said Campbell has done a good job of taking COVID seriously.

"I did like how they made masks mandatory, that was comforting, so that there wouldn’t be other people who won’t wear masks and some that would," she said. "I liked how they also put hand sanitizer at the front of all the doors."