A video on social media that has been viewed thousands of times has resulted in an apology from a national retailer.

Kamao Cappo says he was looking to purchase a chainsaw in the Canadian Tire store in east Regina. He made his selection, along with an extra chain and oil. At the checkout, Cappo realized he had grabbed the wrong chainsaw from the shelf, so he took the goods to the customer service desk.

"We put the items inside the (chainsaw) box in full view, and we only did it so she would have an easier time carrying the box," Cappo said.

Cappo then went to look at another chainsaw when a Canadian Tire employee accused him of stealing and ordered him out of the store. Cappo refused and he says he was then pushed against the shelves and forced out.

Cappo has brought the video to the police and is looking into pressing charges against the employee. Cappo claims he was discriminated against because he is indigenous.

“I am doing that because I want store owners and managers to know that indigenous people and other people of colours and minorities will be protected,” Cappo said. “They can't do this."

Canadian Tire's corporate head office has responded to the incident, saying "we sincerely apologize for the experience that occurred in our store and we are actively reviewing all of the facts surrounding this matter. We are communicating with Mr. Cappo directly, and we hope to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.”

CTV News also attempted to contact the store directly, and has not yet received a response.

On Thursday, there was a heavy police presence at the same Canadian Tire location. Police have confirmed that they were called to the store after receiving a call that someone was going to use a gun at the location.

The store is currently closed to customers.

Police also confirmed they are investigating a possible connection to an assault that took place at the store on Wednesday.