Prominent business women from around the world gathered in Regina on Wednesday for the ninth annual Inspiring Leadership Forum.

The forum included Bonnie Brooks, the first female CEO of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and Becki Bitternose, owner of the PlayBuffalo clothing line that was featured at New York Couture Fashion Week in 2016.

Vianne Timmons, the first female university president in Saskatchewan, started the forum. She says it’s a way to bring inspiration from all avenues to one destination.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you work for a company, or you’re a mother or a sister, we all have a story to tell,” Timmons said. “We all have a story to tell and it’s important that we give a venue for that.”

More than 600 people attended the event, taking in messages of inspiration and different techniques to help them take the next steps in their careers.

“I believe that if you craft a vision properly and you go for the castle in the sky, you will actually get there,” Brooks said.

After the presentations, attendees had the chance to meet them face-to-face for real life words of wisdom.

With files from CTV Regina's Jessica Smith