Boxing Day shopping is a tradition for many Canadian families, but the rise of more convenient shopping options has changed how people are getting their Boxing Day deals.

John van Koll, a store manager at London Drugs, says that seeing a lineup of people outside for Boxing Day isn’t as common as it once was.

“You can actually do your order at home and pick it up when it’s convenient for you, and not worry about the hustle and bustle of the people coming through the store,” says van Koll. “The people camping out on Christmas night around 11, to get in to be the first ones in the door no longer need to do that.”

The rise in popularity for Black Friday in Canada has also created more options for consumers to save during the holiday season. A change that Ray Kanani, a store manager at Ben Moss Jewelers, says has changed the mentality around Boxing Day.

“People are not so much into Boxing Day. But Black Friday is like, you wait the whole year and Black Friday comes,” said Kanani. “So that’s the reason that Black Friday gets busier compared to Boxing Day.”

But even with lots of options, Boxing Day is still the best day to get deals for some.

“I’d say Boxing Day is the best way to get certain prices, certain deals and all that stuff,” said a Regina Boxing Day shopper.

Based on a report by Cole Davenport