REGINA -- Grade 10 students at Greenall High School witnessed the aftermath of a mock vehicle crash on Thursday.

"This is about as real as we can make it to illustrate to the students what happens when you have a distracted driver and alcohol, and drugs are involved and the consequences of that action and a motor vehicle accident,” said Balgonie Fire Chief Dave Campbell.

First responders with the Balgonie, Pilot Butte, Edenwold and White City fire departments, as well as local RCMP, Fort Qu'Appelle EMS, the Coroner and body removal services all worked together to put on a mock motor vehicle accident in front of students. The scenario was an accident caused by a drunk driver that resulted in the death of a passenger. Several students and the driver of the bus were also made to look injured.

"It shows all the consequences that come with it and you have to live with it the rest of your life whether a fatality happens or not you're with the guilt of causing it," said Grade 10 student Kiarra Corbin.

The students who took in the demonstration are in Grade 10 and many have their learner’s permits.

"We want to support them in making sober decisions before they get behind the wheel,” said Greenall High School Principal Jason Weitzel. “Not just substance use but risks related when they are young drivers that being comfortable behind the wheel, being prepared to be responsible for their actions and the lives and safety of others."