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'It was shocking': Car fire in downtown Strasbourg causes surprise for residents

Residents in Strasbourg were in for an odd and dangerous surprise over the weekend, as a vehicle burst into flames on the town’s main street.

“I was sitting here at work, having my coffee and I was looking out the window at all these vehicles kept backing up and I was wondering why … so I got up and looked and that’s when I saw the car on fire and I thought ‘oh my god,’” Strasbourg resident Catherine Bellam told CTV News.

“I went out the back and then around the corner. That's where I took the video from … I wasn't sure what was going to happen because I’ve seen too many movies, right? With the great, big explosion.”

Bellam said the town’s firefighters were on scene soon after the blaze started sending black smoke down the town’s centre at around 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Greg Yung, chief of the Strasbourg and District Fire Department, told CTV News that the vehicle had just arrived in town and parked when the fire broke out.

“There were no occupants in the vehicle at the time. Cause is unknown. There were no injuries or damage to property other than the car,” Yung said in the statement.

A total of 18 members of the fire department attended the scene.

Bellam said the experience was a bit worrying, due to the fire raging in the middle of town.

“Yeah, I was pretty scared. I've seen cars on fire, driving from a distance but I've never seen anything this close before.”

“It was shocking.”

Strasbourg is located approximately 84 kilometres north of Regina. Top Stories


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