REGINA -- The statue of John A. Macdonald has been removed from Regina’s Victoria Park.

Regina city council decided to remove the statue and put it in storage until a new location is found. At a council meeting on March 31, numerous delegates suggested the statue be put in a museum, moved behind the Legislative Building or moved to the RCMP Heritage Centre.

It was suggested the statue should have a plaque explaining the history of Macdonald, and his influence on confederation and Indigenous policies.

“We’re not interested in erasing history, this is not cancel culture. We are interested in putting it in a place of education and respect for contributions to history, as well as some of the legacy, which are perhaps negative for our community,” Regina Mayor Sandra Masters said.

The move means the statue will be put in storage for a maximum of one year, and will be relocated to a location determined by council.

City administration is expected to consult with the public about the best location for the statue and any signage that is needed near it.