The jury in the trial of three men accused of killing Shawn Douglas heard eyewitness testimony on Thursday when Michael McNab took the stand.

McNab was one of seven people police originally thought were present for the murder of 54-year-old Douglas. McNab was charged with murder, but the charges were dropped.

At the time of the murder, in August 2014, McNab was homeless. He cautioned the jury against putting too much hope in his testimony.

“I had been drinking quite heavily that day,” McNab told the jury. “I remember bits and pieces, but that was the only reason I was there.”

McNab testified that he was at a house party at 1682 Toronto Street. He said he came and went from the house several times throughout the night. He said he was drinking constantly and passed out several times. He confirmed that the three men accused in the murder – 23-year-old Johnathon Peepeetch, 24-year-old Joshua Wilson and 32-year-old Dennis Thompson – were all at the party. McNab also said there was an “older man” at the party who he didn’t know.

McNab told the jury he saw Peepeetch punch the older man at some point in the evening. After that, the house was “locked down” and no one was allowed to leave. He was eventually ordered out of the house and into a car.

“I did not understand what was going on, so I closed my eyes and passed out,” McNab said.

When McNab regained consciousness, the car had stopped moving and was parked on a residential street. Most of the people were outside the vehicle. The Crown showed McNab a video of a Civic parked on Quebec Street in Regina’s north end. McNab confirmed that was the location.

He told the jury he got out of the vehicle and intended to leave on foot. But when he walked towards the trunk of the car, Peepeetch punched him and ordered him to get back into the car. McNab said he drank some more and passed out.

McNab woke up the next morning in the car at a gas station somewhere in rural Saskatchewan. He testified he had no idea where the “older man” was throughout the entire ordeal.

Under cross-examination, Thompson’s lawyer asked McNab to look at the video again and confirm that it was Joshua Wilson and a teenage boy standing at the trunk of the car and struggling to close it. But her client, Dennis Thompson, was not seen in the video anywhere near the trunk.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Friday.

CTV's Dale Hunter was live in court on Thursday: