REGINA -- First of all, health experts say there’s a good chance the majority of us will at some point be exposed to COVID-19, but there are steps you can take to ensure your best chance to stay healthy.

The World Health Organization offers up these five tips.

  1. You’ve heard this a lot. Wash your hands. At least 15 seconds. If you don’t want to count, you could sing the birthday song twice. It gets old fast, I get it, so here’s another option. Visit, punch in a song of your choice, and you can sing your own song while you clean your paws!
  2. Easier said than done. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.
  3. Cough into the bend of your elbow or a tissue. You should probably just do this anyway, right?
  4. Avoid crowded places. Social distancing.
  5. Feel sick? Stay home. Even if it’s a slight fever or a cough. Remember, the symptoms of covid-19 can take a few days to manifest.

If you do show symptoms of COVID-19, use the self assessment tool on the government’s website. You can also call 811.