REGINA -- The City of Regina has introduced new traffic curbs that it says will help slow vehicles in areas where pedestrian safety is a concern, and some viewers were #JustCurious what they're for!

The traffic calming curbs replace traditional speed bumps, as well as help improve yields at intersections and shorten crossing distances for pedestrians.


The city installed these traffic calming curbs on Whelan Drive near MacNeil School. The red lines indicate where the curbs will be. (Submitted/City of Regina)

It said vehicles don’t drive over these new curbs. Instead, they guide drivers away from the sidewalk.

They are yellow and have reflective posts. The curbs are the same height as regular sidewalk curbs, but their unique design allows water to flow under them to alleviate drainage concerns.

The City said it may install additional curbs after reviewing potential locations.

The curbs are affordable when compared to other systems, the City said. Other municipalities use them instead of traditional methods.