REGINA -- There are now four vaccines approved for use by Health Canada: Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

The Government of Saskatchewan said that if deliveries of vaccines continue at their current pace, that every resident will have a first dose by the end of June.

It’s led many of you, including our viewer Malcom, #JustCurious if your second dose has to be from the same maker as the first dose.

Short answer: Yes.

Longer Answer: The Saskatchewan Health Authority and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) both recommend that he vaccine series be completed with the same product.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single dose, so that would not apply in cases of people who receive this vaccine when it is available in Saskatchewan.

The obvious next question is: How will I remember which one I got if my shots are spaced weeks, even months apart? The SHA says when you get your first dose of vaccine, you’ll be handed a card that was the information about the first dose on it, including type of vaccine. You should keep that with you to ensure you get a correct second dose when you go back, but it’ll also be noted on your health file.

The NACI says no data exists on the interchangeability of COVID-19 vaccines so mixing and matching isn’t an option right now. They say as information evolves, that could change and recommendations could be updated.