REGINA -- Isn’t it all in the teleprompter? A question TV news anchors will hear from time to time in our travels.

Simple answer: Yes, for the most part. A loyal viewer of CTV Morning Live asked that question this week. He wanted to know why we have paper and laptops on our desk. We maintain paper copies as a back up. Some anchors prefer to read off of paper more than the teleprompter, so it could come down to preference for some. Every page is recycled at CTV and reused so there is no waste. The laptop also contains our scripts, in fact, that’s where we monitor show changes and edit scripts before we go to air. Yes, we write them, too along with a team of hard working, talented producers. As I always say, you know what never goes down? Paper. Keeps the show rolling, even if the teleprompter isn’t (and it happens!)