REGINA -- After a heavy snowfall, city staff get to work clearing streets and park paths, sparking this week’s curiousity.

Bill was #JustCurious how they find those paths. It’s a combination of experience and studying.

For wider pathways, the city uses a truck with a snow blade on the front, while narrower paths are cleared with a unit called a tool-cat and blade.

As for finding those paths in the first place, the city says it’s a mix of visual and auditory clues. Many parks have blue tower signs at the entry to mark the start. Staff will listen to the sound of the blade on the path, if the sound changes, they know they’re off course and correct. Footprints are a good clue, too. Many parks are lined with trees, benches and trash cans, as well.

Staff assigned to this work are tasked with familiarizing themselves with location of park pathways and have access to aerial photos to help guide their way.