REGINA -- If you’ve passed under the light poles with cameras attached on the new bypass and found yourself #JustCurious what they do, you’re not alone.

I’ve had emails ranging from “are they photo radar cameras?” to “are they traffic cameras?” and everything in between. The Ministry of Highways says it’s none of those things.

They’re “weigh in motion” sites. You’ll find them at various points along the bypass but the most common one mentioned is on TC-1 on the way to Moose Jaw. The Ministry says they compile real time data and pre-screen trucks. Saskatchewan highway patrol officers can be dispatched to respond to any overweight vehicles or they can follow up through an investigation process. The idea is to get them pre-screened so they spend less time on the side of the road, and more time getting to their destination safely.

The technology in these sites was developed by International Road Dynamics, a Saskatoon company.