REGINA -- Have you ever wondered what the rules are surrounding vacant properties or city owned land near your home? Rob was #JustCurious if it’s legal for a home owner to plant gardens on city owned property or beside his home if the lot isn’t occupied.

The City of Regina says without knowing the specific address it’s hard to be exact in direction, but they do allow residents to landscape their front and side boulevards. In fact, you’re encouraged to take care of them.

You can even get an annual garden permit if you’re adjacent to a vacant city lot that allows you to garden in that space. The city has a program that allows this to happen. With proper paperwork from the city, you can install things like a fire pit, a bench or a small garden, as long as it’s within three metres of your own property line.

Contact the city for more information or to apply for that type of permit. Ask first, then build.