REGINA -- On Tuesday, we learned the Prime Minister had made the decision to prorogue parliament in what was a political first for Justin Trudeau. Think of it like a political reset button. All work on parliament hill stops. Any bills that were introduced are killed, for now. They can be reintroduced later but will be treated as brand new. The Member of Parliament for your area has been released from his/her parliamentary duties until Sept. 23. On that day, the government will reconvene, and deliver a throne speech. It could trigger a 2020 federal election.

Committees cannot meet right now, that means the probes into the Trudeau government's handling of the We Charity contract are on pause. Proroguing parliament is not the same as dissolving parliament. A Prime Minister would dissolve parliament when they intent to call a general election. Proroguing gives the government a chance to reset, reprioritize, and present a new plan to Canadians. If the Liberals, in this case, lose a confidence vote on the throne speech, we’re all heading back to the polls.

If you live in Regina, there's a chance you could be voting in municipal, provincial and federal elections this fall.

Trudeau isn’t the first to use this political tool. The Harper Conservatives were the most recent to do it, that was seven years ago.

With files from Graham Slaughter.