REGINA -- Welcome to Winter!

Over the next few months you may hear that a “snow route” has been declared.

The goal of a snow route is to improve traffic flow and make Winter operations a little more safe and efficient. In other words, they want to clear the street so that you can get where you’re going!

A snow route is declared when snowfall has reached a minimum of five centimetres. Once it’s declared by the Mayor or an official designate from City Hall, there is no parking along the identified sections of road for a 24 hour period. You’ll see the blue sign with a white snowflake indicating a snow route. They cover 16 kilometers of road and are typically those that are more difficult for a plough to work through.

 If you leave your vehicle parked there, you’ll get a ticket. Nobody wants that.

Here are Regina’s snow routes:

  • Winnipeg St. - Ross Ave. to Broadway Ave.
  • Victoria Ave. - Pasqua St. to Albert St.
  • Victoria Ave. - Broad St. to Winnipeg St.
  • Toronto St. - Victoria Ave. to College Ave.
  • College Ave. - Winnipeg St. to Arcola Ave.
  • Broadway Ave. - Broad St. to Park St.
  • 15 Ave. - Elphinstone St. to Winnipeg St.
  • 14 Ave. - Toronto St. to Winnipeg St.
  • 14 Ave. - Albert St. to Halifax St.
  • 13 Ave. - Broad St. to Toronto St.