REGINA -- Regina is home to some incredible older homes and heritage properties. When it comes to the oldest, look no further than 2216 Lorne Street.

It’s the Niesner/Schaab residence. Built in 1905, it was awarded heritage property status in 1984. The significance lies in its architecture. You’ll notice the corner tower, which is unique to Regina. The building also represents the residential development of the surrounding area prior to the First World War.

What is the oldest building then? It should come as no surprise to most of you that it’s on RCMP property. Today, it’s a Chapel and it stands as part of the historic parade ground at Depot Division.

It was originally built as a canteen by Regina builder John Ross in 1883. It’s associated with the arrival and development of the North West Mounted Police which would later become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The stained glass windows inside are incredible. The King and Queen visited the site in 1939 (you can see the pictures by watching the video above).

Heritage status, by the way, is determined through an evaluation process on the property’s heritage value and significance.