REGINA -- It goes by many names: The Queen City, YQR, and a few that people sometimes laugh about. How did Regina get it’s actual name? History tells us that this area was one of the most important places where Indigenous people would hunt the roaming herds of bison.

As the story goes, the hunters would stack the long bison bones into large piles. It was a way to honour the spirit of the animals because overhunting was thinning the herds. Indigenous people called the area Oskana Kasastcki which roughly translates to bone piles. European explorers later called it “Pile of Bones”.

When the settlement grew in the 1880s, it was largely agricultural, and still is to a large degree.

It was renamed “Regina” which is latin for “queen” after Queen Victoria.

Regina became a city in 1903 and the capital shortly after the Province was established.