REGINA -- One of the questions we’ve heard repeatedly over the past few months as public health violations are handed out, is where does the money collected from a COVID-19 ticket go?

The Ministry of Justice says most tickets, in this case we’re talking about a public health violations, are paid to the Province. Other tickets, such as a traffic offence like speeding, may be paid to the municipality. That money would be split between the municipality and the province.

In this case, we’re talking about a public health violation and that money will go to the Government’s General Revenue Fund. That money is used to run programs.

What does voluntary payment option mean?

You’ll notice on the back of any ticket the words “voluntary payment option”. That does NOT mean paying the fine is optional. By making a voluntary fine payment, you’re pleading guilty to the offence charged against you on the ticket (public health or otherwise). If you do not wish to plead guilty, then you’d follow the instructions on the back of the ticket or call the provincial court office to fight the offence in court.

Tickets that remain unpaid will eventually be forwarded on to collections or the Canada Revenue Agency to be dealt with accordingly.