REGINA -- If you’ve taken a walk around Wascana Lake or driven by lately, you’ll notice there are still a few Canadian geese hanging around.

It’s Winter (at the time we published this)!! Shouldn’t they all have flown South? That’s what a few of our viewers thought too.

An ecologist said, while yes, most will migrate South for the Winter, some will stick around all year. Those that stick around will need access to open water so that they can get to food. Wascana Lake has a few aerators on it, which mean there are a few places on the lake where open water will exist. Other geese will simply stop by along their migratory route for a break. Depending on the day, the number of geese on Wascana Lake, will vary.

Don’t they get cold? Probably, a little. But experts point out these two fun facts:

First, geese have down feathers which keep them very warm in these Saskatchewan Winter temperatures.

Secondly, geese have a very cool blood circulation system.

It actually works in reverse in their feet – so their feet never get cold or stick to the ice and that blood warms back up as it gets closer to the body in order to keep them warm!

They’re basically built for it, but many still choose to go South in search of the sun.