REGINA -- You’re not feeling well and the news cycle, your friends, family, even people you don’t know are talking about COVID-19, so you think maybe I’ve got it?

The Public Health Agency of Canada says those infected with COVID-19 may have few to no symptoms (these people are called asymptomatic) but those who do have symptoms could easily mistake COVID-19 for the flu or vice-versa.

The health agency says the main symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing (a real dry one), difficulty breathing and can lead to or include pneumonia in both lungs. In severe cases they say the illess could result in death. COVID-19 does have a significantly higher mortality rate than the flu. The most vulnerable are the elderly and those living with pre-existing conditions.

That’s one of the reasons you keep hearing about a patient’s travel history or a history of exposure to the virus. It helps the doctors and front line medical staff to narrow down what you may be dealing with.

Always consult your doctor to be sure. Either way, if you feel ill, health experts recommend you stay home (unless it’s a trip to the doctor). There’s a self assessment tool on the government’s website to help you determine if you may have COVID-19, and you can always call the help line at 811 (be patient, it’s very busy).