REGINA -- As of March 20, the law of the land says that travellers returning to Saskatchewan must self-isolate. It’s especially important if you actually have symptoms of COVID-19 to avoid spreading it to others.

So, bunker down in your house and watch some shows on Crave TV! Don’t go to places where you could spread the virus to others. Don’t go to work. Don’t go to school. Don’t go to public spaces. Can I have people over for coffee? No. Can I have play dates for my kids if I’m self isolating? Absolutely not. You shouldn’t have visitors of any kind. If you need something, have a friend drop it off on your doorstep, wave through the window, and pick it up when they go on their way! Is it going to be easy? Goodness no! If you have to go out, because it’s absolutely necessary (say a hospital visit) wear a mask, and keep a two metre distance from others.