REGINA -- After talk about the Regina Public Library, our viewer, Harold, asked us a book question! He was #JustCurious what the oldest book in the library’s collection was, and which was the most loaned?

Devin Pacholik at the Regina Public Library pulled out a set of keys to a cabinet filled with old treasures. From inside, he pulled a tall, thin black book. Its title: “Report from the Committee Appointed to Inquire into the State and Condition of the Countries adjoining to Hudson’s Bay and the Trade Carried on there.” No short, snappy titles in 1749! You can flip through the pages anytime, but you can’t actually take this book outside of the central branch.

That brings us to part two of Harold’s #JustCurious question: the most loaned book in the collection. You might have thought it was a children’s book, perhaps the bible or a Harry Potter novel. It’s not. As of the publishing of this article, 415 times, people have taken out Nora Roberts’ “Irish Born”. It's part of a trilogy that features the Concannon sisters of Ireland. A book description says it’s about women of ambition and talent, bound by the timeless spirit and restless beauty of their land. We couldn’t even see what kind of shape the book is in, because it is currently on loan.