REGINA -- Update: SaskTel says that this bug can be fixed with the latest software update for your smart phone.

Has this happened to you? You get an incoming call from a number that you don’t have in your contact list, and your caller ID says its coming from the U.S. but when you look at the screen it is very clearly a Canadian number? Leanne did, so she reached out to us #JustCurious why.

SaskTel says they’re very aware of the issue and its affecting the majority of their customers. It’s basically a software glitch that they’re hoping is fixed with the next upgrade, but don’t have a timeline for. They say for now, if you add that number to your contact list, it should solve the problem. SaskTel says it is not related to a fraud or scam of any kind. It’s not just happening to Sasktel customers, I’m on Bell, it happens to me, too. Don’t worry, it should be cleared up soon.