REGINA -- It seems like the lights are always on when nobody is home! If you’ve driven by Mosaic Stadium after hours, you’ll notice it’s always lit up. It led our viewer, Linda, to ask why they’re always on and who pays for them! She’s not the only one to ask, either.

The lights are actually emergency lighting required by the national building code.

There are offices inside Mosaic Stadium that are in use past five o’clock, not just the Roughriders football team, and those workers need lighting for their safety.

Sabeen Ahmad from REAL says while it seems like every light is on, they’re actually not. The bare minimum is on. It’s the size of the building that makes it look so bright. As for the lights, they’re high efficiency LED lights and don’t require a lot of power.

The costs are covered by the City of Regina through an agreement made in the original proposal, so, you and I are paying for it.

That’s why the football stadium has Friday night lights… and every other day of the week, too.