The recent drop in temperatures in Saskatchewan has caused an increase for plumbers and mechanics.

C.A.A said they’ve seen close to 2,000 calls this week, and a lot of those came from dead batteries.

There are steps you can take to avoid a dead battery during this cold weather.

“Key things are plugging it in, trying to start it on a regular basis, don’t let it sit for a week on end,” said Terry Potter, operations manager of Battery Depot Regina. “Check your anti-freeze, check your oils, because if your oil is down and you’re plugging it in, it’s not going to help.”

Potter also said make sure you give your car 10 to 15 minutes to heat up, and keep an eye on tires, because the cold can cause them to contract and lose air.

Meanwhile, plumbers have also had a busy week.

Reliance MacKenzie Plumbing and Heating said it’s received 200 per cent of their budgeted call volume since the cold snap began.

“Our technicians go into responding to no heats and frozen pipes of sorts,” said Tyler Beresh, service manager of Reliance MacKenzie Plumbing and Heating. “In these extreme temperatures it doesn’t take long after your heating system quits that pipes can become frozen.”

Other tips including make sure your heating system is tuned up and clean, and that your house is well insulated to keep it as warm as possible.