Kelliher, Sask. has had two significant robberies in five days.

That might not be an issue in larger cities, but in a population of a few hundred people, residents are concerned and asking RCMP to take action.

The first incident happened Aug. 17 around 1:19 a.m. at Club 15 Cheers Tavern, according to the owner.

Three people walked into the bar wearing all black and carrying weapons.

“I thought it was just some locals joking around until I got hit on the head with a machete and then I realized it was no joke,” owner, Gerald Faye said.

One of the robbers pinned Faye down while the other two gathered what Faye estimates to be $8,000 in cash and liquor.

The second incident happened at the Kelliher Golf Course on Aug. 21 where three golf carts were stolen from the course.

The owner of one of the carts, Wayne McKay, told CTV News that RCMP took his statement on Aug. 23, two days after the incident occurred. He had told officials he wanted something done sooner.

RCMP has told CTV News that armed robberies are a rare occurrence in the area but they have been following tips from the public and the investigation is ongoing for both incidents.

Anyone with information about either case can contact Melville RCMP.