The City of Regina says provincial lab tests show the water at the new Mosaic Stadium is safe to drink.

Despite the all-clear, the city is sticking with its back-up plan to station water tankers at the site for Saturday's test game. Attendees are still being encouraged to bring their own drinking bottles to fill up.

“We took steps to ensure public safety and other measures have been put in place to provide drinking water for football fans,” Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said in a news release Friday.

“We knew we would have the results back today, but this provides us the opportunity to test our back-up plans.”

The city has scrapped plans to post signs at all 23 of the stadium’s washrooms, cautioning people not to drink the water, after gravel and stones were found in the pipes.

Saturday’s game between the University of Regina Rams and University of Saskatchewan Huskies is set to kick off at 2 p.m.