The labour dispute between the Co-op Refinery and its unionized workers has entered its second week, with neither side showing signs of backing down.

Owners representing 26 independent trucking companies in Regina say their drivers are tired, both mentally and physically, while waiting in line to get inside and to leave the refinery.

One company said a driver waited for more than 24 hours in the lineup.

The owner of C.S. Day Transport says the combined trucking companies that work under Co-op usually ship between 180 and 200 loads a day. Thursday they were only able to ship out 24 loads.

According to the companies, union workers are only allowing one truck into the refinery every two hours and letting trucks leave the refinery every 30 minutes.

That wait has since created a lineup of more than 20 trucks on Fleet Street and they say it is not due to a dispatch error.

Kevin Bittman, the president with Unifor local 594 who represents up to 800 workers says the lineup of trucks is a tactic from the refinery, and that there is no harassment from union members. He added that many drivers are actually in support of the union workers.

In a statement, the refinery said it is doing everything it can to get the trucks moving.