Five people were killed when two small planes collided over Saskatchewan two years ago and now the widow of one of the men has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the estates of both pilots.

In her statement of claim, Bobby Joe Donovan alleges the crash that took her husband and young son's life was caused by the negligence of both pilots.

Donavan alleges that the pilots did things like fly in unsafe planes, fly in unsafe weather, fly in an unsafe manner and flying under the influence.

CTV Calgary’s Lea Williams-Doherty contacted Donovan's lawyer to ask if the allegations are supported by evidence and if it's legal practice to allege all possible negligent acts.

The lawyer declined comment.

The plane carrying the Donovan's was piloted by their friend Denny Loree.

Loree was flying Eric Donovan from Mossleigh, Alberta to St. Brieux, Saskatchewan to pick up a part for his tractor when the crash happened.

The other plane was piloted by Robert Jackson who was on his way to the family's fishing camp by La Ronge with his wife.

The cause of the collision has not been publicly reported by Transport Canada and the defendants have yet to file their answer.

(With files from Lea Williams-Doherty)