REGINA -- On January 1, Michelle Ouellette will take on the role of chairperson of the Public Complaints Commission (PCC).

“I am pleased to welcome Michelle Ouellette to her new position,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said in a news release.“Michelle has served in many roles where she has distinguished herself and in turn supported the legal profession and the people of Saskatchewan.” 

The PCC is responsible for reviewing allegations of police misconduct. The commission also makes recommendations about the policies and services of Saskatchewan's police forces. Ouellette is a Saskatoon lawyer who has worked in health law, Indigenous law and professional disciplinary matters. 

In addition to being appointed the PCC's Chairperson, Ouelette is a Board Member of the Canadian Foundation for Legal research and a member of the Federal Judicial Advisory Committee. She also served as the chairperson to the Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission.