REGINA -- Writing is healing for Regina author, Bevann Fox.

Fox has released her second book, Genocidal Love, a fictional retelling of her experiences at residential school and her life afterwards.

The book originated from notes, letters and stories Fox wrote for her family. It took more than 10 years to construct the book out of these stories.

“I wanted to leave my children and grandchildren something about me, the history about me,” Bevann said.

Fox attended residential school in Lebret, Sask. It was there that Fox was abused.

Decades later Fox and the Federal Government settled a court case regarding her treatment in residential school. During the settlement she signed an agreement to never communicate negatively about the parties involved.

Fox created the character Myrtle, the main character in Genocidal Love as well as her first book, Abstract Love, as a way to communicate her story. Although Genocidal Love deals with serious issues, parts of it are lighthearted.

“There is humour in my book, it’s not just all sad and tragic,” Bevann said.

Fox is currently writing her next book, one she intends will be fun and entertaining.

As for the character Myrtle, Fox says there are plans she will appear in future writings.