YORKTON -- Lobsterfest made triumphant return to Yorkton on Thursday night.

Fresh lobster and mussels from flown in from Prince Edward Island, along with locally sourced striploin steaks, were served to attendees at the 20th annual event.

 “This has been a long time coming,” said Denny Vachon, a member of the Yorkton Lions Club, which organized the event. “Everybody has been waiting for this.”

Many excitedly lined up for their share of the delicious treats to feast on, while others were excited to simply be outdoors attending a large event again.

“It is quite a shock, It’s a culture shock because you’ve been at home for a year and you finally come back and everything is packed and full but it’s kind of a nostalgic feeling at the same time,” said Eddie Qaqish, who attended the event.

In previous years, Lobsterfest was held in conjunction with the Yorkton Film Festival, however the festival was held virtually this year. With the restrictions lifted, the Yorkton Lion’s decided to go ahead with the event, including live music for those attending to enjoy.

“We wanted to get back to the routine. This is one of our major fundraisers and not being able to do all those crowd-based fundraising efforts for an entire year took a big hit on our figures,” said Vachon.

With 365 tickets sold, the money raised will go back into community projects.

The Yorkton Lions said that they are looking forward to next years Lobsterfest and hope to run it alongside the Yorkton Film Festival once again.