The owners of Brinks Auto Body in Regina are shifting the focus of what their shop offers in anticipation of changes from SGI.

For almost four decades, Craig Miller and Randy Hardy have been fixing vehicles damaged in accidents as an SGI accredited shop. But with SGI now having discussions about changing what it takes to be an accredited business, the Brinks Auto Body owners said they could have to pay up to $300,000 to make upgrades. A price they can’t afford, so they don’t plan on renewing their accreditation.

“So we’re just going to go in a different direction,” co-owner Craig Miller said. “We’ve been doing custom paint and restoration for the past few years, and I think we’re going to start to focus on that a little more.”

Custom painting is a specialty for Miller. He said he only knows of a handful of other artists like him in Regina, and his talent has introduced him to some big names.

“I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty interesting things over the years. I’ve painted a couple of bicycles for Tommy Lee and Motley Crue,” he said.

The changes being discussed by SGI could see higher-end equipment required, to better manage the modernization of vehicles.

“This is not something that is exclusive to Saskatchewan, we’re seeing this across North America. Everywhere there are new vehicles, in fact,” said Tyler McMurchy from SGI. “Safety on our roads is a priority for SGI, and the auto repair industry. It’s a shared goal.”

SGI has been hosting town halls in a number of communities around Saskatchewan to get feedback from the industry on what changes should be made.

It says it is taking the feedback into serious consideration as it moves towards finalizing changes.