The Trudeau Liberal government has a strong emphasis on balancing the playing field when it comes to parental leave.

While Ottawa did move to give father's more time off work when a newborn arrives, for many families daycare will be needed.

However, waitlists aren't getting any shorter.

"Typically, I would say, the majority of [daycare] centres that have waitlists are looking at 50 to 100 families on those lists," said Allison Tholl, executive director of Sandcastles Albert Park Childcare.

One daycare told CTV News it's more like a "waiting book" instead of waiting list, as some families have to reserve 18 months in advance to secure a spot for their unborn child.

The Lavignes are a family living in Harbour Landing. Since they both work at home, they currently don't have their two young children in daycare. But, they have heard the struggles of reserving spots from friends.

"I've heard there's just a lot of waitings lists and the expense is very high," said Sarah Lavigne.

Tholl said the long waitlists have a direct correlation to government funding, which is why she is frustrated with the lack of money in this years federal budget.

"If you can't find quality staff to hire, to have that quality programming in your [daycare] centre, you're not looking at expanding your spaces," Tholl said. "You're going to have to, in some cases, cut the number of children you actually have in your centre because you don't have those ratios met with your staffing."

Despite the lack of funding on the federal level, Tholl is still holding out hope there may be some good news surrounding child care support when the province tables its budget, which is expected to happen on April 10.