In just over a month, budding businesses will be setting up shop across Canada.

Many of the 51 newly license marijuana retailers in Saskatchewan are in the final stages of preparation for the new legalization. There are six permits in Regina and seven in Saskatoon.

Allen Kilback is opening a pot shop in the R.M. of Edenwold. Turning the space into a dispensary up to code took months of planning.

“It’s been an interesting ride,” Kilback said. “I think we were a little overwhelmed with all the rules and regulations and all the things that needed to be in place, so we sat down and started turning the pages and checking everything that we needed to do.”

Charges were laid against dispensaries last week. The Ministry of Justice said enforcement won’t go away once marijuana is legal, and licensed retailers will also be monitored.

“We consider any sale outside of the authorized retail context to be illegal and individuals who participate in that kind of activity could be the subject of police attention.”

Many of the current laws governing cannabis use will remain the same.

Officials expect evetns on Oct. 17 when marijuana is legalized — and hope the day will be celebrated in a safe and legal way.

With files from CTV Regina's Joey Slattery