Dozen of people gathered at the legislative building Sunday afternoon to raise awareness for unrest in Bangladesh.

They’re fighting for better enforcement when it comes to road rules, following the deaths of two students due to reckless driving.

“We are feeling the pain of what’s going on in Bangladesh,” organizer Mohammad Hasan said.

Thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka,demanding the government enforce the rules of the road.

Over 12,000 people die every year in Bangladesh due to accidents on the road. Local protestors say the issue hasn’t garnered enough attention.

“If I was in Bangladesh I would have gotten down on the street and protested,” protestor Shakib Hossain said. “But as I’m here I cannot protest. This is the most I can do.”

Protestors want to reiterate that this protest is not political in nature, but rather they hope to raise awareness for the issues faced on the roads of Bangladesh.

Based on a report by Brendan Ellis.