Good design is a key piece of making a bold fashion statement, and Emily Brown thinks she has the right shirt for the job.

The Regina-based designer launched The Tit Store in March and her tees are already taking off.

“I think that it’s kind of a taboo subject,” Brown said. “But, I have received so much support and so much positive feedback.”

The Tit Store makes “tit tees,” shirts with graphic designs of breasts. The shirts are meant to deliver a message.

“It’s easy,” Brown said. “You say ‘I am a feminist, this is what I stand for.’ By putting on one of these shirts, it’s just an easy statement.”

Since launching the design on Instagram about a month and a half ago, and following up with a website a couple of weeks later, Brown has sold around 100 shirts.

“Everyone who gets a tit tee, they post about it on social media,” she said. “They want people to know that they have one.”

Tees are $30 each, or $40 for a custom design. Customers can also add a donation to the business’s charity of choice. The store plans to support four charities each year, one for each season. This quarter, the store is raising money to buy a new autoclave for Planned Parenthood Regina. Brown says they’ve already raised about $500 and the charity was an easy choice.

“Planned Parenthood has always amazed me with all of the services that they provide,” she said.

Customers say wearing the shirts helps to spark discussions about feminism and body positivity.

“It is empowering,” Azlynn Lefebvre said. “Walking around with it, it’s like ‘I have no care in the world, and this is me and this is my body.”

“I think just being a woman and seeing that there are ladies like Emily getting their businesses running in the city, and just having an appreciation for empowered women and other cool ladies who are doing awesome things like this around Regina,” said Jovi Stevenson.

With a focus on feminism and empowerment, the statement tee has a lot to say.

“I think that by wearing these, it’s all just about normalizing it, desexualizing women,” Brown said. “We don’t choose to have our bodies the way that they are. But, I think that we deserve to feel confident in them. I think that by wearing our tits on our tees, it’s kind of like wearing your heart on your sleeve.”